Required Items

This is a list and links to items that are required per the OTS reporting instructions. Plan on showing up with all of these items as you'll need them from the very first day. 
Black Flashlight (1x)

You need to have at least one, no more than 5 inches in length. We recommend you bring two to have a back up. 

Shower Shoes (1 Pair)

Flip-flops or sandals work best, a must have for showering in both the dorms and field training. 

Backpack (1x Black)

Bags with small logos are ok. Most cadets opt for the SOPC 72 Hour Bag.

Towels (2x) Washcloth (1x)

Towels should be no wider than 24 inches wide by 44 inches long, which is a hard size to find, luckily Amazon carries them as a set in the correct size. 

Security Drawer Lock (1x)

Highly recommend a directional lock, they're much quicker to open than traditional locks. These count as combination locks. Keyed locks are not allowed.

Hydration System (Option 1)

Must be 1.5L or more. 

Hydration System (Option 2)

Must be 1.5L or more. This is our recommended option. It's cheaper and has a few pouches to store things. The flag is removable.

Eyeglasses Strap (1x Black)

Required for all eyeglass wearers during field training, and exercises.

Laundry Bag (1x)

Nontransparent and conservative color. 

Wrist Watch (1x Black)

Smart Watches are not allowed (at least not at first) and you'll need to be on time. Make sure that you get one with an alarm. 


Underwear and Bras (6x Each)

Men: Boxers or briefs are fine, whichever you prefer. 

Women: Thongs not recommended for field training.  Bras 6 total, with at least 2 sports bras.

Toiletry and Hygiene Items  (As needed)

Pack as needed, and make sure you have enough of all your toiletry items to last 2 weeks. 


Bring a laptop as the OTS curriculum and assignments are digital. Tablets and Chromebooks are not recommended due to compatibility issues.

Must be Windows 7 or Mac OS X10.6 or newer, with Microsoft Office (or compatible, Google Docs works great), and PDF Viewer installed.  

Wi-Fi is available for official use and is easily accessible in the dorms and academic buildings.