Recommended Items

These items aren't required but are highly recommended by OTS reporting instructions and prior graduates.

Mesh Laundry Bag (2x)

You only need one, but two might come in handy. 

Lint Roller (1x)

You absolutely will need one of these for keeping your dress uniforms inspection ready.

Shoe Insoles (1x)

Not required, but they make boots a bit more comfortable.

Work Gloves (1x Black)

A must have for field training, the gloves can have small logos. 

Duffle Bag (1x Green)

A must have for getting to OTS and field training.

Can also be purchased at Clothing Sales.

Duffle Bag (W/ Rollers Option)
There are a few different options depending on how much you want to spend and functionality. 
Garment Bag (1x) 

Very helpful for transporting your service dress uniform without wrinkling it too much. 

Ballpoint Pens (5+ Black)

Black ink is a must, ballpoints are recommended.

Hangers (10x)

You'll need at least 10 for your uniform items. Some rooms already had them, so you may not need them. 

Laundry Soap

Pods are recommended as they're far easier to pack, a 36 pack is more than enough to get you through the course.

Ligher (1x)

Always carry one on you for burning unsightly uniform strings. 

Bug Spray (1x)

Needed for OTS classes from April through November. Winter classes can skip this.

Sunscreen (1x)

Recommended year round, as you'll be getting some sun through out OTS even in the winter months.


Quality of Life Items

These items aren't necessarily needed, though they may make your time at OTS easier.

Small First Aid Kit

For scrapes and cuts you may get along the way.

Black Sharpies

You're probably going to have to label a thing or two.

Hand Sanitizer 

Not a bad idea to keep some in your dorm room and backpack.


A must have for studying! Wired, wireless, and AirPods are all ok to use. 

Field Wipes

For when you need to stay fresh, but a shower isn't necessarily available. Great for field training. 

Boot Brush

Very handy to remove grass and dirt from your boots and shoes. 

Stain Treatment

Opps! You washed your OCP top with a pen in the pocket!  You'll be glad you had this.

Shoe Shine Kit (as needed)

Only necessary if you have non-shinny low quarters.

CAC Reader

(Prior Service Online) you'll have little to no access to Air Force computers, having a CAC reader was quite helpful for accessing email and records.

Nail Clippers and Tweezers

Nail clippers are very helpful with uniform strings.

CamelBak Cleaners

Helpful for keeping your hydration system clean.

Scissors (1x)

For clipping uniform strings, and the 341s that you'll need if you miss any.

Brita Water Filter

You'll be drinking tap water at OTS, you may want a way to filter it.

Extra Blanket or Sleeping Bag

The dorms can get cold, especially for the winter classes. Many students bring a sleeping bag or blanket.

Water Enhancer

If you get sick of drinking water, you may want to mix it up. Just don't use it in the hydration system!

Coffee Mug or Tumbler
At some point you'll earn coffee privileges in the class room. You may want to bring your own mug.
Desktop Printer

Not everyone in your flight will need one, but you'll be everyones best friend if you have one. Don't forget extra ink and paper.

Silver Dollar

For your first salute! 
Read about the tradition here.

Electric Razor 

If you prefer an electric razor over blades thats fine, just be sure to bring some blades as back up.

Cough Drops 

These can help keep you awake in some of the... less fun classes. 


Very helpful for measuring uniform accoutrements.

Sewing Kit (1x)

Definitely something worth having in case you lose a button, or worse.

Ear Plugs

You will have a room mate, and up to 30 room mates during field training. 

Resistance Bands

There's not much opportunity for strength training at OTS, having these in your room may be helpful.

Multiport Charger (1x)

Wall outlets can be hard to come by, especially in field training. 

Hair Bun Donut (1x)

Braids are authorized now, however you may opt for the hair bun, the donut makes it far easier. How to use a donut.

Electrolytes Tablets

These work well in camelbacks, and come highly recommended for summer classes. 

Safety Glasses

OTS Staff provides glasses for field training and the firing range, however they're all scratched to hell. You may want to bring your own. 

Hand Warmers

Members of winter classes have recommended these for early mornings, and field training.


Other Items to Consider:
  • Batteries for Flashlight
  • Paper and Ink for Printer
  • Prescription Medication
  • Allergy Meds, Ibuprofen, Laxatives, etc
  • Water Cup for Dorm 
  • Hair Accessories (Ponys, Bobby Pins, Hair Spray, etc)
  • Contact Solution 
  • Notebook
  • Planner