What is Officer Training School?

The purpose of Officer Training School is to train and commission new officers to fulfill Air Force active duty, Reserve and Guard requirements, in partnership with the U.S. Air Force Academy and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Typically an interested member will go through a boards process to get accepted into OTS, with the process normally being started by a recruiter.  

How long is OTS?

The program length consists of 30 hours of prerequisite distance learning and eight weeks of military training and leadership development with its location at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. The goal of this training is to instill high standards of conduct and provide officer trainees with the essential military knowledge and skills needed for effective performance as Air Force leaders.

What do I need to pack for OTS?

It's all here based on the official reporting instructions and recommendations of OTS grads.

What if I'm unable to get all required items before reporting?

Try to arrive with all the required and recommended items you can. However if you're unable to acquire everything before reporting, you can purchase missing items at Maxwell Military Clothing Issue, and Shoppette. Be aware that it may be a while before you're allowed to access the base clothing issue, and they don't always carry everything or all sizes. 

What if I run out of something while at OTS?

Most of the required and recommended items can be purchased at the Shoppette on base, should you run out of toiletries or forget a uniform item. Make sure you arrive with enough to get you through few weeks, as your class may not be able to visit the Shoppette for a few weeks. 

Can I have missing items shipped to OTS?

Yes, you can order items online, or have items shipped to you while at OTS. Work with your flight leadership to arrange this. 

Can I get alterations or dry cleaning done at OTS?

Short answer is yes, you can have alterations and dry cleaning done at OTS. However, they can take a few weeks to process, so plan accordingly. There are irons and ironing boards in each dorm room. 

How much civilian clothing should I bring?

2 Days worth should be enough. Don't bother to bring an extra pair of shoes, just report in wearing Khakis, Polo, and your PT sneakers.

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